A Quarterly report


Probus Project Management continues to grow steadily from the vision of founder, Maurizio Capano, to a company with proven track record and leadership on private projects.We would like to thank our clients and customers for their support as we launched this venture in late 2016.Thank you for believing in us as we went out on our own. We value your trust in our company, and we will continue doing our best to deliver on your service expectations.

We let our work speak for itself. The integral and leading role of Probus Project Management in the delivery of the Ice District in Edmonton, Alberta has opened doors to new opportunities and projects for our company. We are hiring additional personnel to manage the additional work load, and to help expand the strengths, skills and expertise of the Probus team. At Probus Project Management, we are always with our client every step of the way. With this belief in mind, we are now investing in some of our future projects as a shareholder. This will allow us to stay aligned with our customers and to work with them to deliver superior integrated real estate solutions. We are excited with the direction that our company is going, and we encourage you to keep an eye on our website for details.We will release more information as it becomes available.

Probus Project Management is committed to project management excellence and bringing integrity to each project while providing innovative and creative solutions based on life cycle performance and sustainability. We have extensive expertise in leading and managing a diverse range of complex mixed-use projects from land acquisition and rezoning to full development, including repositioning of existing assets. This expertise continues to grow.


A message from our founder


Probus Project Management has grown from the vision of founder Maurizio Capano, to a company with proven success and leadership on large mixed-use real estate projects.

"We would like to thank our clients and customers for their continuous support. Thank you for believing in us.We value your trust in our company.”

Maurizio Capano - Founder 


Experienced Construction Project Management to make your idea a reality.


"Maurizio is a meticulous development professional. His industry knowledge and the team's integrated project delivery work were key to the project."

- Darrell Halliwell - DIALOG